Biography of DJ Jigar

Jigar Govinde, known in artistic circles as DJ Jigar, began his career professionally in 2004. He began to pay more attention to dance music and showing more interest in the area of ​​DJing.

He stands out for its versatility and ability to motivate the party people, always managing to infect the audience with their vibe! His sets are always very distinct and marked by tribal feelings and oriental vibes fruit of his indian origin and birth in Africa, in Mozambique.

In 2002, Dj Jigar had his first contact with the world of DJing, performing and acting at that time in some parties and events at schools. He always was very fond of dance music, firstly techno, where Carl Cox was his biggest inspiration, and then naturally came House Music, with artist like Eddie Amador, Louie Vega, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke, Chus & Ceballos, and many more inspired him.

His rise in the world of Djing began with the presence on the Red Bull Electronic Tent on the Academic Festival in Lisbon, doing warm-up for Dj Diego Miranda. After this event and the result of his work, had the pleasure to djing in many big clubs and festivals, such as:


  • Comvento Club (Lisbon)
  • Cenoura do Rio (Lisbon)
  • Club Mon Amour (Lisbon)
  • Discoteca Faraó (Santa Cruz)
  • Delmare Beach Club (Costa da Caparica)
  • RS Klub (Costa da Caparica)
  • Paradise Garage (Lisbon)
  • Docks Club (Lisbon)
  • In Club Lx (Lisbon)
  • W Disco (Lisbon)
  • HK Club (Almada)
  • ART Lx (Lisbon)
  • Waikiki Chic (Costa da Caparica)
  • Estado Chic (Almada)
  • Vintage Club (Lisbon)
  • Twins (Lisbon)
  • 3D (Lisbon)
  • Clube Ferroviário (Santa Apolonia)
  • Swell Club (Costa da Caparica)
  • Kapital (Lisbon)
  • XL Lounge (USA – New Jersey)
  • Vivo Lounge (USA- Newark)
  • Discoteca Kadoc (Algarve)
  • The Week Club (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Club Machina 8 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Peaches Club (Harrow, London, UK)
  • Gossip (Lisbon)
  • Vilu Reef (Maldives)
  • Es Paradis (Ibiza)
  • Itaca Beach Club (Ibiza)
  • Oceans Club (Portimão)


  • Festival com Ritmo (Loures)
  • Tenda Mega Hits (Loures)
  • ISCAL Festival (Lisbon)
  • Mega Tenda Electronica (Parque Tejo)
  • Super Bock Super Rock Festival (Lisbon)
  • Dia Internacional da Juventude (Odivelas)

among many more.

He had his first international tour in 2012 in the USA.

Had the pleasure of acting alongside big names of national and international Djing as Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Alexander Technique, Dj Malvado, Diego Miranda, Di Paul, Jesus Luz, DJ Chus, Dj Kura, Rick & Besada, DJ Jiggy, Dj Nox, Lady M, Miss Pink, Anthony Garcia, Tom Hopkins, and many more.

Internationally have been touring in many big cities like New York, Sao Paolo (Brazil), London, Ibiza, and many more.


Currently holds a radio program online called “Me Gusta House Music Radioshow”.


Next step is to launch his new productions and remixes.